Barcelona, Spain
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FC Barcelona museum

The FC Barcelona Museum is one of the best football museums in the world and the most popular one in Catalonia. It is located in Camp Nou and was grounded 24 august 1984. The museum is a very popular tourist attraction, visited regularly by over 1 160 000 visitors a year.

In light of the club's history and the ever-growing interest in it, appeared an idea of creating a club museum as early as the 1920's. But it didn't come to fruition until 1984 when the museum was opened. The FC Barcelona club became the first club in the world to collect and exhibit its past. Moreover, the exhibits were not limited just to the football team, but also included the other club teams, as handball, basketball and hockey.

The museum is divided into different sections, where you can find: history section - with number of trophies that the club won, archival photographs, sports materials and audio demonstrations; art gallery - find many works made by top Spanish artists like Dali, Miro, Tapies, Segrelles and Subirachs; a collection of football made by Pablo Ornaque - the exhibition includes the whole history of football from its beginnings to the present day; temporary exhibitions - here are regularly organized prestigious art shows, dedicated to the artist Josep Segrellesowi. Also can be found any posters related to the club.

Beside the successes of FC Barcelona in cups and images, there are also individual items of famous players of the club. People who always wanted to see the football boots of Bernd Schuster in reality will find them here. Also are fascinating to see the old kickers in the exhibition hall.

As the museum is located next to the Camp Nou, visitors have two options. Either they can choose to only visit the exhibitions or they can opt for a guided tour of the stadium as well. The tour includes a visit to the locker room used by visiting teams and, after crossing through a tunnel, a stop on the playing field and at the player's benches.

After visiting the stadium, you will have the pleasure of visiting the club TV television station, the press center and the presidential box. At the end of the tour you can buy some souvenirs with the FC Barcelona logo.

The FC Barcelona museum is the most visited museum in Barcelona. Therefore, if you are a real football fun, its a must to visit it.